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Vinolab - Consulting - Services


This service includes different activities, from wine production to branding, with the emphasis on creating a desired style of wine. It ensures complete consulting for the winemakers, regardless of their wine experience.
All of the consulting activities are a result of our consultants' broad experience, as well as their professional trainings abroad and collaboration with experts from other countries.

Members of our team are located in a way that ensures all 4 regions of Croatia (Croatian Uplands, Slavonia and Danube, Istria and Kvarner, Dalmatia), as well as our neighbouring countries, to be provided with the same dynamic and quality of service. Amount of our engagement and responsibility depends on the needs of each client and is defined by contract. It includes wide range of possible arrangements, from occasional consultings to taking full responsibility and realization. Aside from the contract defined agreements, one-time advice is an option.

Our associates' scientific research projects on Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of the University of Zagreb will contribute to achieve the more professional planning and development of wine technology.