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Vinolab - Solution Additions - Enološki kalkulator

Solution Additions

Concentration of additive solution (mg/L)
Desired concentration in wine (mg/L)
Volume of wine/juice (L)
Volume of additive required (mL)

Details:  This calculator will calculate exactly how much of a solution of a given concentration to add to a given volume of juice/wine, to reach a desired concentration of the solute.  For example, a solution of concentration 500mg/L is to be added to 100L of wine to give the wine a concentration of 10mg/L.

This calculation finds the volume of liquid, of a known concentration, which must be added to a given volume of wine/juice to bring the total concentration up to a desired value:

volume-to-add = (desired-concentration * wine-volume) / (additive-concentration - desired-concentration)

Note that this calculation takes into account the volume of the solution being added, so rather than adding 1L of 100mg/L additive to 100L of wine to give the wine a concentration of 1mg/L, the calculation shows that we need to add 1.010L.

VinoCalc by Jonathan Musther  -  jon@musther.net